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Interested in starting your own t-shirt line or fashion brand?

PrintMojo can help!
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When starting a t-shirt business, you may have a lot of questions about how things work,what the costs will be, and how will you handle the various aspects of running your own t-shirt operation.

This page will help you understand some of the basic aspects of starting a company selling custom t-shirt designs and how PrintMojo can help you along the way.

Coming Up With Ideas

One of the first steps when deciding to start a business selling t-shirts, hats, totebags, or any other item, is deciding what will be printed.

  • Do you have a design idea or catchy phrase that you are sure will sell?
  • Have you already had some success selling your designs in a one-off setting and you want to take the next step?
  • Are you looking to be the next FUBU®, or No Fear®, or the next FreshJive®? Create your own brand!

Figuring out your goals and who your target market it will help you decide on what to get printed. Take a look at what's popular, and what is selling, and decide where you fit in.

  • Will you make new line of funny t-shirt sayings?
  • Do you have an idea for a new line of hooded sweatshirts? Totebags?
  • Will you work to create a brand that people want to wear?
  • Will you capitalize on a current event (election, funny news story, etc)?
  • Will you be selling t-shirts for your band, gaming club, or paintball team?

Once you have decided on what you'll be printing, the next steps are getting them printed, setting up shop (getting the products to the customers), and marketing your new products.

This is where PrintMojo can help!

Getting T-Shirts Printed

At we handle:

The Printing:

PrintMojo MojomanWe offer both professional screen printing and embroidery services. We can also relabel the t-shirts with your own tag in the neckline!

When you open a store, you need to purchase inventory. This is where you decide how many products you're going to carry, and in what quantities. You'll also need to let us know what sizes to print.

One of the benefits of getting t-shirts screen printed or embroidered is the fact that you can now buy at true wholesale, and sell at a competitive retail price. The more you buy, the better pricing you can get!

Starting out small? Try a run of 25 t-shirts per design and see how they sell. You'll still meet our minimum orders, and get great wholesale pricing.

Found a winner? Increase your inventory to 100 or 500 per design. Not only will you have to worry less about inventory running out, you'll get even better wholesale pricing since your quantities have increased.

With screen printing, there are no concerns about only printing on white or light colored shirts. We can print on dark colors, bright colors, camouflage colors, you name it! 

No need to worry about multicolored printing or detailed artwork. We use state of the art screen printing process and have a highly trained, full service, art department, that can work with you to make sure your designs can come out just as you created them.

Each new order goes through several quality checks before being printed. Including one from the best quality checker of! That's right, with each order, you will receive a graphical proof via electronic delivery so you can view the exact inks we'll be using to print your t-shirts, the print locations you've chosen for your designs including the exact print size for each location. Our mock up will include a sample of what your design will look like on the garment, as well as product mock ups for use in your PrintMojo store.

Once you buy the t-shirts, you own them! Whether we warehouse them for you, or you decide that you want them shipped to you so you can sell them locally as well, you own the shirts to do with what you please.

Setting up shop:

The PrintMojo cycleOnce you place an order, we'll setup an online shop for you to sell your tshirts.

We'll fold and store your printed shirts in sealed plastic bags in our warehouse. When you receive an order through your custom Mojo Store, we'll process the order for you (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). Once the order is processed, we'll package the shirts within 48 hours of the customer ordering it, and ship it to their door.

In our Mojo Merchant management area, you will be able to login and view your sales in real time, set the pricing for your products, keep track of inventory with our inventory management tools, as well as get quotes and place orders for new inventory.

We'll take care of hosting the store, storing the products, merchant account order processing, fulfillment of your customer's orders, timely shipment of the merchandise, and of course, professionally printing your designs so you can be proud of every t-shirt sold!

What You Pay For:

  • You pay for the getting the merchandise printed (screen printed or embroidered)
  • You pay a flat fulfillment fee ($3.50) for each order we ship out for you. This fee covers our costs for warehousing your merchandise, processing your orders, and setting up your online shop.

That's it! You keep the rest.

Your customers pay for shipping when they order the products from your store, and you are reimbursed for each t-shirt sold, plus any profit markup you've chosen.

Getting The Word Out (Marketing!)

You can have the best t-shirt design in the world and never sell a single t-shirt if no one knows it exists.

That means in order to get sales, you've got to let people know how to find you. And once they find you, you have to make them want to buy from your store!

The web has the ability to level the marketing playing field in many aspects. A new startup t-shirt line has the same ability to show up in an online search right next to the biggest name brands.

Let the search engines work for you by making sure your store is search engine friendly.

Find targeted content directories like, and to list your t-shirt designs on.

Put your Mojo Store URL in your email signature that is attached to every email you send out.

Use targeted online advertising to reach potential buyers in your target market.

Traditional offline methods of promotion can be key as well.

Press releases, offline advertising, and putting your store URL on business cards, stationary, and all company promotion material will help get your store seen.

When you're ready to take the next step for your business, PrintMojo will be there.

Click here to get started on your own t-shirt line today!

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